Multiple impact sponsorships

Whether financial, in-kind, or through technical expertise, your donation will make an electrification project possible.

Tax deduction

  • Donation: You receive a tax deduction on your donations equal to 60%, up to a limit of 0.5% of your company‘s annual revenue.
  • Expertise: the time spent by your employees helping NGOs on their energy projects is deductible up to 60%
  • Equipment: the equipment that you donate to an energy access project is deductible up to 60% of its net book value

You give, you get back

  • You can choose to support the projects that are the most suited to your commercial policy.
  • You encourage your colleagues to take part in positive, humanitarian projects.
  • You enhance your social and environmental responsibility strategy.
  • You communicate your humanitarian commitment to us and add value to your brand image.
  • You benefit from our communication kit, its impact grows along your contribution