Selection criteria



Synergie Solaire carefully selects the projects based on precise criteria. Fundamentally, the projects should reflect the overall aim of the endowment fund by addressing clearly identified local needs in a sustainable way. Priority is given to projects having a thorough vision of how to address these needs.

  1. The project or support programme should address a humanitarian cause.
  2. The compliance with the core purpose of the endowment fund is required (such as health or education), including the use of solar energy to provide access to electricity.
  3. The project has to be supported by a French non-profit organisation (NGO, foundation, etc.)
  4. The project should be appropriate to the local needs and receive the support and implication of the local community (men and women living there).
  5. The project must be self-sustaining: it must be able to run in the long-term without the intervention of international development organisations.
  6. Significant and detailed elements must verify the point above.
  7. The project must have a ‘monitoring’ part that will be taken in charge by the NGO.
  8. The project must be presented with a detailed budget.

Project Monitoring


Project monitoring is essential for Synergie Solaire. It is carried out by the NGOs and is measured objectively through allocated resources to ensure that the implemented solutions work in the long term, once the Synergie Solaire teams have left.

The training courses for the local people and the installation of evaluation facilities are essential during this monitoring phase and  can be carried out by Synergie Solaire. At the end of each project, Synergie Solaire organises a monitoring visit to verify that the project plan has been properly carried out.