Our offer: An answer to your CSR

A corporate strategy

As more than just a philanthropic tool, Synergie Solaire allows you to meet market expectations, whether it is for institutions, your employees or your clients. It is a direct response to today’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

This evolution of the company’s legal status towards a “responsible” company wishes to take into account the social and environmental challenges of its activity.

– Your employees want to give meaning to their work: through your solidarity action, you build loyalty among your employees, and you attract new talent (identity, belonging and corporate pride).

– For your calls for tenders and your future customers, your participation in ethical and solidarity projects related to your sector will be a valuable argument.

Lucrative goals and positive societal impacts are not contradictory: choosing a social and/or environmental mission is an extension of the company’s strategy. Companies that have understood this are one step ahead.

Be those companies that are leveraging the transformation of society and participate with us in Access to Energy, a prerequisite for any development.


Our detailed offers


The Active Members offer

From €15 000 financial donations (or €6 000 after tax reduction)

As a major donor of Synergie Solaire, you become a committed player in your sector and benefit from the strength of a network…

Active participation- You are Synergie Solaire!

Opening of governance:

  • 1 seat on the Board of Directors is open to the 3 biggest donors
  • 1 place in the Project Selection Committee, for you, or a member of your team

– Participate directly and have a vision of the actions carried out by the Fund

– Involve your team in a meaningful project

Increased visibility through multimedia campaigning
  • 1 personalised label Name active company Active Member of the Synergie Solaire year” supported by the Ministery, can be used in all your communication material
  • 1 customized poster/kakemono can be used on your premises and/or at your corporate events
  • 1 company description detailing your activity as an active member of the Fund on the Synergie Solaire’s website
  • 1 publication in Synergie Solaire’s newsletter
  • 1 active profile on social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter..)
  • Your company name mentioned as an Active Member of Synergie Solaire in all our communication material.
Dedicated time for the leaders of the industry
  • 2 annual meetings (breakfast/workshop), reserved for business leaders and led by stakeholders of the industry, to evoke the major themes in partnership with the Department
  • 1 reduced price ticket to the charitable dinner as an Active Member and the possibility of being an official partner of Synergie solaire’s Annual Charity dinner


The Solidarity Donors offer

From €3 000 financial donations (or €1 200 € after tax reduction)

Solidarity Donor of Solar Synergy, show your solidarity support and make your actions known….

Solidarity actions
  • Concrete action for your CSR by acting for Access to Energy
Increased visibility
  • 1 Article detailing your activity on Synergie Solaire’s website as a Solidarity Donor
  • 1 citation in Synergie Solaire’s newsletter
  •  1 mention on our social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter…)
The grand meeting for all participants in the sector
  • 1 reduced price ticket to the charitable dinner as a donor of solidarity