Commitment: Why? How?

Whether it is financial, in the form of equipment, or in expertise, your donation contributes to the realization of an electrification project.

3 good reasons to donate and invest in the endowment fund

  • A concrete response for your CSR actions: Acting for access to energy in accordance with our ethical charter, communicating your participation in the fund’s solidarity projects, motivating your employees and attracting new talent through skills sponsorship….
  • Visibility, interaction with industry players and institutions, media visibility for your company throughout the year thanks to the fund’s regular actions.
  • Network meetings with the main actors of the renewable energy sector.

Donor Benefits

You can join the community of 162 companies involved in the Synergie Solaire endowment fund in different ways:

  • Financial sponsorship: your donation is deductible to 60%.
  • Skills sponsorship: the time spent by your employees in the field is deductible up to 60% of their loaded salary.
  • In kind sponsorship: your donation of equipment is deductible to 60% of the net book value of the property.