Bring together the renewal energy sector

Bring together the renewal energy sector through development projects

Synergie Solaire currently brings together more than 142 french companies from the renewable energies sector which contribute through different manners: financial, technical and in-kind donations. Our largest partnerships in 2016 include the following ventures:


… implemented by our NGO partners

Since its establishment, we have backed more than 35 energy access projects in favor of our NGO partners.

  • 1001fontaines
  • apemc
  • barefoot-college
  • Bayon l’école
  • doctors-without-borders
  • enfant-par-la-main
  • entrepreneurs-du-monde
  • Experts Solidaires
  • Fondation Ensemble
  • fondem
  • geres
  • good-planet
  • humana
  • jokkoo-ak-saloum
  • locus
  • lumiere-pour-tous
  • lumieres-partagees
  • panneaux-solidaires
  • point-coeur