Energy specialists supporting NGOs

Synergie Solaire : Endowment fund of the Renewable Energy sector

Synergie Solaire is an endowment fund based on the principles of Sharing and Exchange. Synergie Solaire acts as a bridge between the world of business and NGOs.

Therefore, by cooperating with NGOs, Synergie Solaire implements renewable energies to support the development of projects revolving around health, education and economic development.

Our Vision

Energy access plays a major role in the improvement of living conditions and economic growth in developing countries. Renewable energies are sustainable and efficient solutions for these countries that often have high solar potential.

Synergie Solaire’s action is aligned with the Millennium Development Goals and the Decade of Sustainable Energy for All 2014-2024.

Our Missions

DEVELOP renewable energies solutions for economic, social and environmental humanitarian projects

SUPPORT projects in the long-term to guarantee their sustainability

BRING TOGETHER the skills of the French renewable energies sector for the benefit of economic, social and environmental humanitarian projects

Thanks to the support of its partner organisations, Synergie Solaire provides NGOs with human, financial and technical resources.

A 360° project approach


We support energy access projects through financial supports.


Thanks to our extensive network within the renewable energy sector, we support our projects with high end equipment.


We provide expertise for the NGOs that need engineering skills for their projects.


Our NGOs have access to a monitoring software for solar power plants, which insures the long-term viability of the installations.

A shared governance

  • Supervisory Board

    Synergie Solaire is overseen by a Supervisory Board made up of its four founding members.

    The board meets annually to approve major business decisions as well as to review the overall situation of the endowment fund.

  • Expert Committee

    The Expert Committee brings together representatives from NGOs and specialised energy partners. Its mission is to provide technical support for the selected projects.

    Each board member becomes the technical advisor of a project and is responsible to support the partner NGO from the beginning to the completion of the project.

  • Strategic Committee

    The Strategic Committee represents the shared governance of the endowment fund together with the actors of the French renewable energy sector.
    It brings together a small number of business partners who are particularly involved in Synergie Solaire projects.

    This committee meets quarterly, with the founders of Synergie Solaire, to define the strategy and required resources for the operational success of the endowment fund.

A responsible governance

As legislation dictates, each year an external auditor checks the accounts that have been signed off by the Strategic Committee and gives a reasoned opinion of Synergie Solaire’s use of resources.